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Welcome to Chop'n'Roll! This is a place for stuff from Finnish bike scene as well as some of my other personal interests.

sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010

Ironhead drum brake with springer

Fitting a Sportster drum brake to a springer front end requires some thought since the brake backing plate can't be bolted to the fork leg like it originally is. It has to be floating so it'll move with the suspension. So some kind of a bearing was in order.

First the axle hole had to be turned all the way to the reinforcing boss.

Here side by side with unmolested plate.

Then turned a piece of aluminium to hold the bearings.

The piece is a press fit to the plate.

Then quick polish and call it done.

Trial fit wit a temporary reaction bar. Shovelhead head bolts make for a nice fasteners...

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